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Ol MacDonalds Farm, Missouri Wedding Venue
Ol MacDonalds Farm receives 2 mins 38 seconds of totality.
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Ol MacDonalds Farm, Missouri Wedding Venue
The perfect view at totality.

August 21, 2017
Total Solar Eclipse
Ol MacDonalds Farm is right in the path for Totality. remember: you want to be as close to the blue center line as possible. But definitely, you MUST be within the dark gray path of totality! Saint Joseph & Savannah receive a little over 2 mins of totality. Book your stay now at Ol MacDonalds Farm RV Park. Take a 3 day weekend from work and come up to the farm and camp with us. You will have an unobstructed view of the Solar Eclipse. We offer full amenities for campers and tent campers, and even if you dont own a tent or a camper, we have Camper Cabins for rent.